Middle Grade Author Reading chapters each week for #quarantine !

Middle Grade Author Reading chapters each week for #quarantine !

Middle Grade Author Reading chapters each week for #quarantine ! Middle Grade Author Reading chapters each week for #quarantine !

The Wish & The Peacock Chapter 1 Read Aloud!

Shadow Mountain Publishing has given permission for me to read these chapters to you for quarantine! They will be available until JUNE 30TH ONLY. 

Wendy Loves To Hear From Young Readers!


Did your child or student read one of wendy's books?

Please encourage your child to write to Wendy! You can use the form on this website for kids to communicate with Wendy and she will write them back!

Once you use the form on this website for your initial message, Wendy will answer you via email for easy back and forth communication. 

School Presentations and More


School Presentation:

Best-Selling Author Wendy S. Swore is offering free school presentations as part of her tour for her new book, The Wish And The Peacock (2/4/2020).  

Wendy presents to a combined audience of 3rd-8th grade. With light-hearted stories and audience participation, Wendy (who had a blood tumor on her face in Elementary School) shares how it only takes ONE minute of courage, ONE kind word, and ONE person to make a difference in someone's life-- with emphasis on how everyone has a story to tell. She teaches 5 fast and easy steps that will help students write their own story adventures. Her message will empower students to develop their own unique stories and learn that each person is powerful and magnificent just the way they are! Presentation is just 40-45 minutes long.

Would your school be interested in this free author presentation opportunity?

Please send a message right away if your school would like to host Wendy.

*If she is unable to incorporate your school as part of her tour, she'd be happy to SKYPE with your school and/or answer any questions your students might have. 

Book Themes and More


Themes & Points of interest for The WIsh And THe PEacock

STEM girl with non-traditional skills and interests

Diversity within a close-knit community

Peacock Symbolism & Allegory

Mirror book for underrepresented rural families

One Person Can Make a Difference

Change, Grief/loss, Acceptance, & Hope

Discussion Questions for A Monster like me


If you would like a print out of discussion questions that can go along with A Monster Like Me, I have a PDF here for you. 

Themes in A Monster Like Me

MAIN THEME: Compassion Makes Us Human



Hiding vs Expressing Feelings

Self Esteem

What Makes A Monster vs. What Makes A Human

Power of Self Acceptance

Connection Vs. Isolation



Have Questions?

For scheduling questions to have Wendy come see your school or group, please contact Troy at Shadow Mountain Publishing  HERE.

For questions about the story, please feel free to ask Wendy HERE. 

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