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The power of one; one person can make a difference.

Everyone has "monsters" in their lives like self-doubt, physical differences, bullies, and other challenges, but we don't have to be afraid. With light hearted stories and audience participation, Wendy, who had a blood tumor on her face in elementary, shares how it only takes one minute of courage, one kind word, one friend to make a difference in someone's life--with emphasis on how everyone has a story to tell. She teaches five fast and easy steps that will help students write their own story adventures. Her message will empower student to develop their own unique stories and learn that each person is magnificent just the way they are!

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Discussion Questions for A Monster like me


If you would like a print out of discussion questions that can go along with A Monster Like Me, I have a PDF here for you. 

Themes in A Monster Like Me

MAIN THEME: Compassion Makes Us Human



Hiding vs Expressing Feelings

Self Esteem

What Makes A Monster vs. What Makes A Human

Power of Self Acceptance

Connection Vs. Isolation



Have Questions?

For scheduling questions to have Wendy come see your school or group, please contact Jill at Shadow Mountain Publishing  HERE.

For questions about the story, please feel free to ask Wendy HERE. 

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